That’s a Wrap!

pizza station

Just a heads up, I’ll be going on a brief hiatus for the next couple of weeks. During that time, watch these movies: The Constant Gardner, The English Patient, Thelma and Louise, Cold Mountain, and The Talented Mr. Ripley. I recently watched all of these movies, and I can’t get off this drama kick. I can’t say it enough – ever since I personalized my Netflix account, I have been getting such quality recommendations. Before I would open up Netflix and search forever for something that looked interesting. Now the second I open up the Netflix browser, there are at least three great movies right in front of me. So if there’s one thing you do this weekend, let it be personalizing your Netflix profile. It takes one minute and you won’t regret it. Enough about Netflix, let’s wrap up the week with a recap…

* Can’t wait for this movie. I highly recommend the book ‘Unbroken’ by Laura Hillenbrand. You won’t be able to stop thinking or talking about this story. Truly unbelievable.

* Emmy nominations are out! Happy to see so many Orange is the New Black noms.

* Crumbs Bakeshop is closing down, though there have been talks of it being saved.

* Anthony Bourdain’s theory on the foodie revolution.

* What a cool movie. Not just a slice of life, but a whole pie.

* How good do waffles with vanilla yogurt sound?

* I watched Thelma and Louise last week (finally!) and this reunion is fantastic.

* Traveling this summer? Don’t check your bags without these sushi luggage covers.

* Photos from behind-the-scenes of old movies. Love all of them!

Have a lovely weekend!

{Photo by Lauren}

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Eat & Watch: Architect Birthday Cake & Three Men and a Baby

3 Men and a Baby Birthday Architect Cake

3men 3



Ever since I personalized my Netflix account, the movie suggestions have been on point. One of these suggestions was Three Men and a Baby, a classic and one of the movies I used to watch when I was younger (though at the time I definitely didn’t get the drug storyline). At Peter’s birthday party, he was presented with this amazing cake, which was appropriate for him since he is an architect. I thought this themed birthday cake was such a fun idea, and it would not only be a great cake for the architect in your life, but it would be the perfect thing to eat while watching this movie. Hang Batman from this crane, and then put them on top of this double layer chocolate cake. Don’t forget extra long candles to place near the base of the crane!

Image via Three Men and a Baby

Read Then Watch: Pre-Movie Release

Read then Watch 5

Lately I have been hearing about books that are soon to be movies, particularly in the fall and winter. Since these movies won’t be out for a while, it’s the perfect time to read all of the books before you are even tempted to just fast forward to watching the movie. These three books look amazing, and it is an understatement to say that I am excited to read (and watch) them. These movies may not be out yet, but I am confident that these books should be read first, then watched.

Read: Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand, then watch Unbroken in theaters on December 25. An incredible World War II story about a man named Louie Zamperini, who went from running in the Olympics, to flying in World War II, to being captured as a POW in Japan. It’s hard to believe this is a true story.

Read: This is Where I Leave You by Jonathan Tropper, and then watch This is Where I Leave You in theaters on September 19. A novel about love, marriage, divorce, and family, all tied together with humor. Sounds like a captivating read.

Read: Wild by Cheryl Strayed, and then watch Wild in theaters on December 5. Cheryl Strayed’s story about hiking more than a thousand miles of the Pacific Crest Trail solo after losing her mother and her marriage. An inspirational and empowering read, to be sure.


That’s a Wrap!

pizza for bfast

Hope you all had a nice last week of June! I watched Three Men and a Baby, so yeah, I’d say it was a pretty fantastic week. I can’t believe how long it’s been since I last saw that movie, but it brought back some great memories. I definitely didn’t understand what was happening when I first watched it many, many moons ago, but it’s great in every way. I also made delicious oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and this pasta and tomato sauce (eaten separately, of course). Now let’s wrap up the weekend with a recap…

* You know it’s a good morning when you get pizza for breakfast [photo above].

* Excited to see how this partnership between Chelsea Handler and Netflix works out.

* This Marilyn Monroe find is treasure.

* Currently reading this book (Unbroken), and the movie looks pretty spectacular.

* So many movies to watch!

* Nancy Myers’ movie homes are the BEST.

* R.I.P. Union Square Cafe.

* Jane Austen movie locations. Gorgeous!

* I would like to learn how to make spaghetti with this chef, please.

Have a lovely last weekend of June!

{Photo by Lauren}

7 Favorite Kitchen Backsplashes

When it comes to kitchens, the details are the most fun part. One of these details includes backsplashes. When done right, they are practical and beautiful. These are my favorite kitchen blacksplashes:

1. This honeycomb-shaped gray mottled marble backsplash is eye-catching and unusual. I like how it climbs the wall but doesn’t go all the way. This honeycomb pattern blends well with the kitchen, and gives a simple kitchen character.


2. Use chalkboard to make your backsplash even more functional. Write down recipes, ingredients you need from the store, doodles, and inspiring quotes!


3. It is typical for backsplashes to be tile or marble, but I love this idea of having windows as a backsplash. You can look outside while you do cook or do the dishes!


4. Having a backsplash that pops out against dark hard wood floors is such a beautiful idea. These lime green tiles stand out, but not annoyingly so. Such great contrast of light and dark.


5. Backsplashes can maintain a clean and simple look, like this gorgeous off-white color. However, what keeps the look interesting is the design of the tiles. Create stunning shapes in a neutral color to keep your kitchen minimalist and unique.


6. A counter-to-ceiling backsplash, especially in this light blue color, is captivating. The tiles do have different shades of color throughout, giving the kitchen a nice dimension.


7. Go bold or go home! These big colorful tiles are such a great way to make a statement in your kitchen. They also match the floor!


What types of backsplashes do you love most?

Summer Movies to Watch

Summer officially began on Saturday! As with every season, it is time for the roundup of movies that look great for the coming months. With the hot heat, escaping to the cool theater will be welcomed with open arms. These are the six movies I can’t wait to watch:

1. Third PersonJuly 20

summer 2

2. They Came Together – June 27

summer 1

3. Begin Again – July 11

summer 3

4. Magic in the Moonlight - July 24

summer 5

5. Lucy – July 25

summer 6

6. What If - August 7

Summer 4

What movies are you looking forward to watching this summer?