That’s a Wrap!


I’ve given up on trying to see a movie in theaters and have resorted back to Netflix and iTunes. It’s throwing me off, but one of these days I will make time! Things I still need to do: pick a pumpkin, try a Pumpkin Spice Latte, and bake cinnamon spice cookies. A lot of spice and pumpkins in this to-do list, but it is fall after all. I don’t usually watch shows live these days, but I did watch the Glee tribute episode. Sadness all around. On a happier note, let’s wrap-up the week with a recap…

* I need to plan a Halloween dinner party just so I can use these awesome decorations [photo above].

* Love these Coast to Coaster Set. Which coast are you?

* As much as I didn’t want to, I watched a few clips of Miley Cyrus hosting SNL. The Old Miley Meets the New Miley skit was the best by far.

* If Cher from Clueless had Instagram.

* How to design a movie superhero’s costume.

* Darby Stanchfield about all things Scandal.

* This was so necessary this week.

Have a lovely weekend!

{Photo by Lauren}

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That’s a Wrap!

microsoft mugs

This week was crazy, in both good and bad ways. Good because it was extremely productive, but bad because I couldn’t post on Wednesday. I keep making plans to go see all of the great movies coming out, but end up deciding not to go at the last-minute. This weekend I really need to get my act together and just go see new release. Until that day comes, let’s wrap up the week with a recap…

* I was happy with the way Breaking Bad ended, but I’m still in denial about never having any more new episodes to watch.

* The mugs at Microsoft are awesome and double the size of a regular coffee cup. Very necessary {photo above}.

* Scandal premiered last night! Kerry Washington is a goddess.

* According to this, my relationship with Netflix is definitely out of control.

* The graphics on this packaging are so awesome. I’d like my bread to come in this, please.

* If I saw Tom Hanks on the street, I would totally yell “Run Forrest!”

* Not surprisingly, I’m craving pumpkin spice cookies. To make homemade or buy ingredients in a can, that is the question…

Have a happy weekend!

{Photo by Lauren}

That’s a Wrap!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend before Christmas! If you are in need of any last-minute gift ideas, check out my Film and Food Gift Guide.  Here is a wrap-up from the week…

• Movies this week: 10 Years, The King’s Speech, Young Adult, Home Alone, The Holiday, The Bourne Legacy.

• Crunchy crabs at an Asian speciality supermarket.


Elf the Musical this weekend – just in time for Christmas!

• I spy an awesome popcorn maker at Williams-Sonoma.

popcorn maker

• Made a batch of these chocolate chip cookies - they are honestly the best homemade cookies ever.

choc cookies

{Photos by Lauren}

Holiday Film & Food Gift Guide

Happy December! Depending on whether you’re an early gifter, the shopping season might have already arrived. If you are already thinking about what to get loved ones, here are the top 9 film and food gifts I am loving. Nothing beats an experience gift - treat your best friend or sister to a late night flick! Or encourage your cousin to document his or her favorite films in this handy Moleskine journal.  All of these items make cute little gifts for friends and family without seriously breaking the bank.

1. AMC Theater Gift Card/Experience Gift - {$Prices may vary}
2. Apilco Cow Creamer - {$29.00}
Breaking Bad: The Complete First Season – {$12.49}
4. Chinese Takeout Box Frosted Glass Candle Holder - {$7.80}
5. Clear Coca-Cola Can Glass - {$4.49}
6. Moleskine Passions Film Journal - {$13.57}
7. Pitch Black Dot for iPhone 5 – {$49.00}

8. Star Wars Cookbook with Cookie Cutters - {$23.95}
9. The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook - {$19.75}


99 Days…

…Until Halloween!

I know it seems a bit premature to start thinking about Halloween since it is 99 days away, but I felt that my early excitement is justified by Williams-Sonoma’s Halloween Shop, which is now up online! The spooky sour pumpkins look so good, and those cute cauldron cups look perfect for hot chocolate or tea. Fall is the best time of year, in my opinion, and I could not be more excited until all of the holiday festivities begin. For now, however, I’ll just have to stick with the heat and humidity and continue counting down.

{pictures via}

Sealed With A Kiss

Valentine’s Day is in less than one week, and if you plan on sending something to a loved one but don’t know what to get him/her, here are some ideas. Remember, you can’t go wrong with food. For a guy or girl. Make sure to place your orders ahead of time! Don’t wait until the last-minute – let this post be your friendly reminder.

Send Eleni’s cookies – they are seriously one of the nicest gifts to receive. The cookies are delicious and the designs on top are skillfully and beautifully applied

Make a cute little bag full of his/her favorite candies with a plastic toy shovel and a sweet tag: I Dig You

Chocolate AND fruit? Yes please!

Bake a batch of cookies with these awesome stamps and send it on its way

You really can’t go wrong with chocolate/Godiva

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