Around Town: sketch – London, England

Tea E

When in London, one must enjoy afternoon tea. For a very unique (and pink!) experience, try sketch. From the moment you walk into the converted 18th century building, you won’t feel like you’re in London anymore. As you walk through the space, you’ll notice gadgets and art and rooms drastically varying in design.

The room for afternoon tea is the pinkest room you’ll ever see. With pink walls, pink chairs, and framed sketches covering the walls, the entire room glows pink. Even the tea I ordered was pink (though it was a rose tea). All of the dishware have words printed on them, such as ‘Ghost,’ ‘Food,’ ‘It’s Not Okay,’ and ‘Forget About It.’ Even the napkins have phone numbers printed across them. It’s a cute detail that grabs people’s attentions.

Tea C

Tea A

Tea G

Tea B

Tea I

Tea H

At the end of the meal I ventured up to the restroom to take a look at the space. Multi-colored lights covered the ceiling and each ‘stall’ was a round egg. People were mainly up there just taking photos instead of actually using the bathroom, which was even more bizarre.


As you leave the pink room, you’ll see this gorgeous Alice-in-Wonderland-esque garden room. Another great setting for lunch and conversation.

Tea D

Afternoon tea at sketch is a fun way to spend an hour or two, especially with a group of friends or for a celebration. Dress up in your favorite pink outfit and enjoy fresh tea, champagne, and an assortment of delicious sandwiches, desserts, and scones.

9 conduit street
London W1S 2XG

Images by Lauren Jessen

That’s a Wrap!

It’s always nice to have productive weeks – this was one of them. It was also filled with lots of good food, mainly ice cream (and banana splits from Oddfellows). Maybe it was the long holiday weekend that kick-started a week of focus and inspiration. If only every other work week could be four days long. I’m looking forward to an eventful weekend, starting with the Taylor Swift concert. Until then, though, lets wrap up the week with a recap…

BEHIND THE SCENES: I love glimpses into people’s days, and Gayle King’s hustle is inspiring.

GIADA: Giada de Laurentiis has a restaurant in Vegas with the best chocolate lava cake I’ve ever had. This is a great inside look at the restaurant.

FOOD PROPS: The food stylist from The Astronaut Wives Club tells all.

STEP ASIDE, WAFFLE CONES: There’s a new cone in town.

FEMALE FILMMAKERS: And how Hollywood discriminates against them.

FAST FOOD: How McDonalds started in China.

ASIAN IMMIGRANTS: Starting to (very slowly) get some respect on TV?

MARIE CURIE: Production has started on a movie about this two-time Nobel prize winning scientist. Can’t wait to see the final feature!

MOVIES TO ADD TO YOUR LIST: The best films of 2015 so far.

DRINK UP: Tea may be strengthening your bones. Cheers to that!

VERY CREATIVE: A cake with wallpaper print. How cool.

LOCATION SCOUT: Secret filming locations in Paris.

Image by Lauren

My Life Lately

may 2014

Clearly I have been doing a lot of eating, as most, if not all, of my photos have food in them. If the food is worthy, it deserves a picture. As told by Instagram (you can follow me here!), this has been my life lately.

1. Tried out a new Ramen restaurant, and it was delightful. Authentic and delicious.

2. When you feel a cold coming on, warm lemon water with ginger never fails.

3. Interviewed an awesome woman in her “office.” Isn’t it beautiful?

4. Snacking on a big bowl of red cherries.

5. Brunch at Tallulah’s is out of this world. Their organic blueberry pancake is the best I’ve ever had anywhere.

6. The flowers at Pike Place Market are stunning. I want to take them all home with me.

{Photos by Lauren}

Around Town: Hirata Bokujo – Tokyo, Japan


During a recent trip to Japan, I stumbled across Hirata Bokujo, a small restaurant that served the most delicious tonkatsu I’ve ever had in my life. Tonkatsu is a breaded, deep-fried pork cutlet, often served with shredded cabbage and a sauce to dip the cutlet in. You can’t go wrong with anything you order on the menu because it all tastes so fresh and is guaranteed to be filling. With only 19 seats total (2 tables and bar seating), Hirata Bokujo is quiet and relaxing, with jazz music softly playing in the background to create an ambiance that easily beats out many American restaurants with the Top 50 hits blasting.

With hot tea to start, customers make their own tonkatsu dipping sauce by grinding sesame seeds against a textured bowl and adding a sauce of their choice. I’ve always loved tonkatsu with sauce, so making my own exactly to my liking only further enhanced the meal. Complete with miso soup and a steaming bowl of white rice, this lunch ranks high on my list. Blending in with the other restaurants lining the street, keep an eye out for the big red sign in the front.



{Photos by Lauren}

I Heart…

i heart

1. Heart Pancake Rings | 2. Heart Waffle Maker | 3. Tea To My Heart Tea Infuser
4. Coral Herringbone Throw | 5. Heart Dinner Plate

Just in time for Valentine’s Day…everything I am currently ‘hearting.’ Wake up and make cute heart-shaped pancakes and waffles for a breakfast full of love or add a shot of love to your tea. Bundle up with a comfy throw while eating chocolates off of a heart-shaped plate. Go ahead and celebrate love tomorrow, and remind yourself of all the reasons why you love you. If you want to spread the love, send one of these sweet hearts to your mother, sister, or best girlfriend! xoxo

Currently Craving

lounging in this room & watching Emma & enjoying these english crumpets

When I find a movie that I want to watch, I like to find the perfect food to accompany the flick. I also like to set the movie-watching mood with a candle and a cozy blanket. I am currently craving an airy living room while watching Emma and snacking on english crumpets and tea. These things go together so well that it would guarantee a lovely and rejuvenating afternoon.

Film Icon: Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn on her side, Audrey overlooking city, Audrey with balloons, glam Audrey, Audrey riding a bicycle

[Welcome to the new column: Film Icon! Film Icon will feature movie stars who have left their fingerprints on film history, and will be accompanied by food inspired by the icons and their films. I am always interested in learning more about figures from the past, as well as finding new recipes to try. This column will be a combination of both. I hope you enjoy! – Lauren]

Audrey Hepburn was a true inspiration, both on and off the silver screen. To this day, Audrey remains not only a film icon, but a fashion icon, as well. Audrey was born in Brussels in 1929, and spent a good amount of her childhood between England and the Netherlands. Audrey studied ballet and did some modeling during her youth.

When Roman Holiday came along in 1953, Audrey shot to stardom when she gained popularity and won the Academy Award for Best Actress. Audrey decided to leave acting after a failed marriage with Mel Ferrer, with whom she had a son named Sean. She eventually went on to marry Dr. Andrea Dotti but this relationship did not work out either, though she gave birth to son Luca during their time together.

After a successful career in film, several miscarriages, and relationship ups-and-downs, Audrey committed her time to UNICEF as a special ambassador. Audrey spent the last years of her life with her partner Robert Wolders. In January 1993, Audrey died of cancer. Audrey will always be remembered for her contribution to film, her fashion sense, and her charitable actions. She is definitely an inspiration to many, and her movies are classics. To learn more about the details of Audrey’s life, this is a great read.

1. Spaghetti | 2. Breakfast Sandwich | 3. Earl Grey Tea and Grapefruit Cookies | 4. Pandan Kaya Souffle | 5. Marble Cake