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Hen Teapot

This is a great weekend for movies. There are already 4 that I want to see (including Lovelace and We’re the Millers), but since movie tickets quickly add up, I’m trying to determine which movies I must see in theaters, and which ones I can save for DVD. It’s only August, but now that we know that Ellen DeGeneres is hosting the Oscars, the countdown to February 24 begins. Until then, though, let’s wrap-up the week with a recap…

* Absolutely making time to see Blackfish. It is horrific that killer whales (and dolphins) are still kept in captivity for entertainment purposes. Here is a listing of where the movie will be released – I encourage you to check it out.

* Love this version of Blurred Lines.

* Ellen DeGeneres is hosting the Academy Awards this year, but what can actually save the Oscars?

* Unseen auditions for The Office.

* Love this random teapot I found antique shopping [photo above]. It’ll be perfect for juice and tea during Sunday brunches.

* 25 Memorable Coming-of-Age Romances.

* This Argentinean Candy Jar is insanely expensive, but how awesome (and dangerously tempting) would it be on your desk or kitchen counter?

* Breaking Bad returns in 3 days, and I’m gearing up for the premiere by watching the first half of Season 5 on Netflix.

* A lost Orson Welles film has been discovered and will make its public debut. How cool!

Have a terrific weekend!

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Sealed With A Kiss

Valentine’s Day is in less than one week, and if you plan on sending something to a loved one but don’t know what to get him/her, here are some ideas. Remember, you can’t go wrong with food. For a guy or girl. Make sure to place your orders ahead of time! Don’t wait until the last-minute – let this post be your friendly reminder.

Send Eleni’s cookies – they are seriously one of the nicest gifts to receive. The cookies are delicious and the designs on top are skillfully and beautifully applied

Make a cute little bag full of his/her favorite candies with a plastic toy shovel and a sweet tag: I Dig You

Chocolate AND fruit? Yes please!

Bake a batch of cookies with these awesome stamps and send it on its way

You really can’t go wrong with chocolate/Godiva

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Romantic Meals

Happy February 1! While Valentine’s Day doesn’t represent all that February has to offer, it is a month that is visually filled with more love than usual. Love should be celebrated every day of every month, not just in February. Whether you’re celebrating something big, like an anniversary, or just celebrating being with someone special, it can be fun to change things up. If you usually cook meals at home or do take-out, switch up your routine by going out (and vice versa). The location doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but somewhere where you can sit down and enjoy each other’s company. If you’re a table for one, treat yourself somewhere extra special!

I’ve witnessed a romantic dinner right before my very eyes…it was nighttime, the steps were lined in candles, there was live music playing, and after lounging on cushions drinking wine, the couple moved to a table for dinner, where I’m sure he popped the question. Cue this song to complete the moment.

Here are some romantic locations for a lovely meal over candlelight…

→ Looking over the water on the pier

→ On the beach…cheesy? super romantic? too fancy? All of the above.

→ Double date on a platform surrounded by twinkling lights

→ The rooftop makes a serene and romantic location, especially with the city lights against the night sky

→ Breakfast in bed – best way to start the morning

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So Magical It Could Be In A Movie

When I walk or drive by an interesting or beautiful location, I think of all the different types of movie scenes that could surround that one place. Do you remember certain movie scenes in which the location perfectly captured the moment? For me, a couple of those include the scene in The Notebook when Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams are dancing in the empty street at night to the imaginary soundtrack of Billy Holiday (see a) or the quaint English cottage from The Holiday (see b). Here are some scenes of winter wonderlands that I think would be perfect locations for the big screen.



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Date Night

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Planning a date night? While going out to dinner and a movie can be fun, cooking a meal together and watching a movie on the couch can be an even cozier way to spend the evening. Try this recipe for a warm dinner, following it up with an easy dessert you can both make. These are an assortment of movies that are funny, sensitive, and full of romance!

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Shut up Katherine Heigl!

I saw Friends with Benefits last Friday as soon as it came out in theaters, and I am thisclose to seeing it again. One of the best aspects of this movie was that the emotions felt real. I knew I would relate to the characters from the moment Mila Kunis shouted, “Shut up Katherine Heigl, you stupid liar!” Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in the world of film and wish life were just like the movies. With some of the scenes that were in this film (ahem, flash mob), you’re going to wish you didn’t have to come back to reality!

Mila Kunis, playing Jamie, and Justin Timberlake, as Dylan, have great on-screen chemistry, and when they laugh together, it is clearly genuine. If you weren’t in love with Mila and Justin before, you will be after you see this film. When you laugh, you cry – the jokes are that good. They are also relevant, which is refreshing. The pace is quick, which keeps you on your toes, engaged, and entertained. Woody Harrelson is another character who really gets the audiences belly aching as he delivers his lines with ease and hilarity. The plot is obvious, but then again, you’re not really going for the plot.  There are also some cheesy moments sprinkled throughout, but nothing that is worth not seeing the movie over.

The events, people, and places that surround the characters are realistic (besides their too-good-to-be-true insanely expensive and stunning New York apartments). Viewers get to know more about Dylan and Jamie on both coasts, as they spend time in Los Angeles and New York. This aspect may seem unimportant, but I beg to differ. From my own experiences, I’ve noticed that the West Coast is more laid back, whereas the East Coast is very go-go-go. (My heart belongs to both coasts…I’m torn). Just like in real life, when people are placed in different situations, it is crucial to see how they will respond. While still remaining true at heart, Dylan and Jamie are able to let down their emotionally damaged walls when they visit L.A., a side to them we had not seen before. In every scene you feel the presence and pulse of the city Dylan and Jamie are in, whether it is New York or L.A. Characters respond to their location, which in turn has an effect on how the viewer responds. I love that New York and L.A. were both included, instead of just one or the other.

This romantic comedy is one of the sweetest that I’ve seen in a while. If you are looking for a laugh, this is your best bet.

Has anyone else seen this movie? What did you think?