Around Town: Frosted Cupcakery, Los Angeles

I am always on the lookout for great desserts, mostly of the variety that involve chocolate or ice cream (preferably both). When my friend and I drove¬†by Frosted Cupcakery, the adorable¬†logo and aqua exterior lured us in. Always willing to try new things, we decided to try the ice cream cupcakes, which may have¬†been¬†the best decision of the day. Frosted Cupcakery¬†also has many other cupcake options that don’t involve ice cream, as well as tiny cupcakes for your dog (appropriately named “pupcakes”).

I wish my birthday¬†was every day just¬†so I could eat ice cream cake. These¬†ice cream cupcakes were miniature versions of that. The ice cream didn’t melt right away or make the cupcakes soggy, and the consistency¬†of the¬†frosting and cupcake was¬†just right. I¬†loved the chocolate/chocolate buttercream filled with mint chip ice cream, and my friend enjoyed the red velvet/cream cheese filled with vanilla bean ice cream.

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Setting: Bright and cheery, small with enough room to sit down

Good for: Quick pick-up, after lunch dessert, pre/post movie treat, day date

What to order: Ice cream cupcakes

Downsides: Ice cream cupcakes are bigger than expected (though this could also be a good thing!)

Recommend: Saving room for dessert at lunch and dinner and making the effort to get these ice cream cupcakes

{photos by a dash of cinema}

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