That’s a Wrap!

space needle and emp

To say it’s been a great week would be an understatement. First of all, the Seahawks are going to the Superbowl!! Last Sunday’s game was so intense and really close. It’s time to start brainstorming what foods I’m going to make for Superbowl Sunday. On a movie note, I still want to see Her and Inside Llewyn Davis in theaters, but I don’t predict any trips to the theater in my near future. Let’s kick off Friday and wrap up the week with a recap…

* 23 times women made history on SNL.

The Wolf of Wall Street before special effects.

* Have had multiple cravings for fonuts the past few days.

* Spent time being a tourist in my city [photo above].

* Hmm…to win an Oscar, should an actor play a real person?

* Mindy Kaling will be speaking at SXSW on March 9.

* Conan hangs out with his interns.

Have a lovely weekend!

{Photo by Lauren}

Around Town: Cooks County, Los Angeles

aOn the side of a long, busy road in Los Angeles, a small restaurant with a bright blue awning called Cooks County serves some of the best farm-to-table dishes I’ve tasted. The space is small with dark wooden tables and chairs, natural sunlight filtering through the front windows, and an open view of the kitchen. Starting with bread and a vegetable dish (to balance each other out, of course), we followed up our appetizers with salmon and pork chops. Everything was made with careful attention to detail and the dishes were incredibly rich in flavor. Of course, to end an already satisfying meal, we had to try the dessert. The fresh mint ice cream with homemade whipped cream was otherworldly. I hope to make it back to Cooks County soon. It was one of those meals you wish never ended.

P.S. A Farm-to-Table restaurant in New York City.






{Photos by Lauren}

Around Town: Bottega Louie, Los Angeles


On a busy intersection in downtown L.A., Bottega Louie looms over traffic with its stone white walls, gold lettering, and glass windows displaying pyramids of colorful macaroons. The bread and dessert bakeries at the entrance of the hybrid store and restaurant are enticing and difficult to pass up when you’re walking out the door. While these bakery treats looked so tempting, I was there for the restaurant food. Bottega Louie is beautiful on the inside, but one of the major downsides was the noise. The high ceilings and big, open room made everyone’s conversations and voices echo throughout the room. However, the food is fantastic. The Portobello fries and scallops were highlights of the meal – great food that tasted fresh with rich ingredients. The chocolate cake was deceiving because it came with vanilla cream – I prefer chocolate – but the texture of the cake itself was great. If you want to enjoy good food and service and can stand a noisy eating environment, this place could easily become one of your favorites in Los Angeles.

P.S. Another cute L.A. restaurant.







{Photos by Lauren}

Urs Fischer in Los Angeles


This past weekend, I had the pleasure of visiting MOCA’s Urs Fischer exhibit. I went not knowing what to expect at all, and I left completely amazed and inspired. Urs Fischer is so talented and his vision for this exhibit was downright impressive. I’ve seen my fair share of installations, and I have not seen anything quite like this one. There was food at every corner, and whether it was a house made entirely of bread (which also smelled delicious), a random egg splattered on the ground, or a block covered in the angles of a soy sauce bottle (among many other random food and non-food items), each piece of art was distinct and creatively displayed. The most amazing part of the entire exhibit was the falling raindrops next to the bread house. I love the rain, and I just wanted to stand under the hanging big blue drops for as long as I could. The Urs Fischer exhibit runs until August 19, 2013, so if you’re ever in downtown L.A. and have 30 minutes to spare, this will be one of the best decisions of your day.


Big tic tac6


{Photos by Lauren}

Around Town: Fonuts, Los Angeles


If you like donuts, cupcakes, or cake, you will love Fonuts, a Los Angeles-based bakery that sells doughnuts that are baked and/or steamed, never fried. Even though these desserts are ‘doughnuts,’ they taste just like cupcakes (with holes in the middle). Regardless of how they are made, they are delicious. There are unique flavors, such as Maple Bacon, Cheddar, Rosemary Olive Oil, and Strawberry Buttermilk, among many, many more. These fonuts are the perfect way to top off a late brunch downtown. It can be tough to choose which fonut to buy, so try the mini fonuts for $7 and you’ll get to try a little bit of all everything.


{Photos by Lauren}

That’s a Wrap!

This was a great food week. From discovering new restaurants to munching on sweet treats, I love a week that involves trying new food. While I spent a lot of time eating, I haven’t had the time to catch up on my T.V. shows or any movies, so I’m hoping this weekend will involve some down time to veg out on the couch. Until that breather, let’s wrap up the week with a recap…

* Obsessed with the design on these chocolate wrappers.

Compartes Chocolate wrappers

* Tried Drew Barrymore’s wine for the first time.

Barrymore Wine

* Loved these mini fonuts – post coming next week!

Mini Fonuts

* Hiking on a cloudy morning.

Cloudy Morning on Runyon

* SNL skits about food.

* Which candy bar is your favorite?

I hope you have a great weekend!

{Photos by Lauren}