Around Town: Jeannine’s, Santa Barbara

During my long weekend drive up the northern coast, I made a stop in Santa Barbara for the morning. Since I am a breakfast person, it was important to find a place that served a breakfast for champions, especially since I had a long drive ahead of me. Jeannine’s Restaurant is a favorite among locals, which was clear after observing many customers saying hello to one another by their first names. Jeannine’s is a charming place to eat, and the food definitely made the visit worth it.

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Setting: Charming and airy

Good for: Family meals, brunch with friends

What to order: Famous Banana Kahlua French Toast and Biscuits and Gravy

Downsides: You stand in line to order at the register and then find a table where you can sit

Recommend: Getting to brunch early before the crowds

{photos by a dash of cinema}