That’s a Wrap!

Happy Friday! Wrapping up the week with a recap…

· My friend generously surprised me with sushi sticky notes [1st photo]. They’re so cute! Check out this adorable sushi cosmetics case…I feel a trend coming on.

· This blackberry sage cooler looks like the perfect drink for these 100 degree days. Is it not September?

· While in Chicago last weekend, I appropriately indulged in a deep dish pizza from Pizzeria Uno for the first time ever. It was seriously filling [2nd photo].

· There are so many great movies coming out this fall. I’m particularly excited to see Liberal Arts. Elizabeth Olsen meets How I Met Your Mother. Kind of.

· Candy in a corner…I now know what I’m doing with that lonely looking corner in my room [3rd photo].

· Met Chef Anne Burrell at the closing party of Charlie Trotter’s - a well-known restaurant in Chicago [4th photo].

Have a relaxing weekend!

{photos by lauren}

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Cutest Couples On TV

› Penny and Leonard from The Big Bang Theory - it’s always a great day when the nerd gets the girl

There are so many great television shows this season. From 30 Rock to Revenge to Breaking Bad, TV is dominating. Within each show, the couples often change from season to season while some couples last a long time. Couples have gotten back together and new characters have been introduced. It is always entertaining watching two people find their way to one another, obstacles and frustrations included. In my opinion, these are some of the cutest couples on television right now.

› Emily and Daniel from Revenge – because revenge never tasted so sweet

› Rachel and Finn from Glee - this singing duo hits all the right notes (hah)

› Nick and Julia from New Girl – they’re sassy together

› Liz Lemon and Criss - if they can survive Ikea, they can survive anything!

› Marshmallow and Lilypad from How I Met Your Mother - just their nicknames alone are too adorable

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Friday’s Features

It has been a busy week, once again, full of meetings and work. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. The workload has significantly increased and at the same time there are some great movies coming out, but that just helps me work ahead and manage my time even better. Have a wonderful, relaxing (or productive) weekend, and to wrap up the week, here’s what I’ve been watching and craving.

♥ Starbucks coffee…for when the days seem to feel long and never-ending

♥ Trailer for My Week with Marilyn

♥ How I Met Your Mother (One of the many shows I wish were on every night of the week)

♥ More birthday cake!

♥ Halloween pancake molds

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