That’s a Wrap!


I usually have some sort of sweet every day, but my treat of the moment are these chocolate covered grahams from Russ & Daughters. The chocolate is decadent, the grahams are crunchy…it’s the perfect combination. Needless to say, I’ll be going back for a whole lot more than .27 lbs worth (about 4 grahams). This week involved a lot of catching up on work and sleep due to last week’s major deadlines, and this weekend I look forward to escaping NYC for a short while (follow me here for behind-the-scenes of all things food and film). Until then, let’s wrap up the week with a recap…

* In honor of the Tribeca Film Festival kicking off on Wednesday (and film festival season starting!), here are 15 travel-worthy film festivals around the world.

Orange is the New Black has (already) been renewed for Season 4!

* Even astronauts need espresso.

* 10 wedding cake trends.

* The state of ramen.

* I love that there’s going to be a Wonder Woman movie. A new director was just announced for the film.

* Ice cream innovations for spring. Yum!

* HBO to Netflix: bring it on. Oh boy.

Have a relaxing weekend!

Photo by Lauren

That’s a Wrap!


I’m really looking forward to the official start of spring next week. Daylight Savings has really messed up my schedule and I am eager to get back on track with my routine. Starting this weekend I am going to be baking up a storm and watching a lot of movies. I also want to make it to the theater once or twice. Have a great last few days of winter! Until spring, wrapping up the week with a recap…

* Finally craved breakfast this week, and I am feeling much more myself.

* Love this “Shiny Ponies” video with Jenna Lyons – amazing shoes!

* California’s weather has been too good to be true. Blue skies, sun, light breezes [see photo above].

* What They’re Wearing at HBO.

*  This looks like the most heavenly kitchen.

* I really want to see this documentary.

* Once again craving dim sum. Anyone know of any great dim sum restaurants?

Have a fantastic weekend!

{Photo by Lauren}

That’s a Wrap!

This week was a blur. Last weekend I traveled to the East Coast for a quick getaway, and as I expected, it was filled with incredible food and quality entertainment. This weekend will be filled with lots of work, but not without a little adventure and fun – trying out a new sushi place and spending time with friends. Until then, wrapping up the week with a recap…

* Saw Scarlett Johansson star in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof in NYC.

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

* Enjoyed delicious Bellinis at Sunday brunch.


* This sign on the way to Chinatown made me laugh out loud.

Funny sign

* A classic Valentine’s Day treat for a crafty and cute party.

Preparation for Vday Party

* This Sunday is the Academy Awards – finally! For a delicious treat, try making Golden Caramel Popcorn.

* These Eleni’s ‘Best Picture’ cookies are too perfect.

* Watched the Beyoncé: Life is But a Dream documentary that premiered on HBO last Saturday. Pretty good overall, there were definitely some inspiring moments.

* I saw Argo, but I haven’t seen Zero Dark Thirty yet. For those who have, what are your thoughts on this article?

* Girl Scout Cookies, I’m coming for you.

Have a wonderful weekend!

{Photos by Lauren}

Friday’s Features

♥ Quick peek at an HBO film I am so excited for!

I hope you all had a great week, filled with chocolates, romantic comedies, and love! This weekend seems like a good time to go out to dinner with friends and catch a movie afterwards. This Means War is out, and because I am a huge Reese Witherspoon fan, I’ll probably be first in line at the theater (once I complete the loads of work I still have, no thanks to a cold I had to fight throughout the week). Remember to take your vitamin C and drink lots of liquids. Have a warm and productive weekend! Until then, here are the things I am currently watching + craving.

♥ Missing the colorful taste of childhood snow cones

♥ Thoroughly enjoyed watching In Time

♥ Audrey and Grace at the Oscars

♥ Looking forward to spring and all the food that it brings, like cherries!

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