And the Oscar Goes To…

The Academy Awards are this Sunday, and I wish I had a television in my room so that I could stock up on snacks and enjoy the show. However, since that isn’t the case I will have to hunt down a nearby TV. I always enjoy Oscar season and the days leading up to the big night. The competition is fierce, and it couldn’t be more thrilling! To make the awards show more enjoyable, an Oscars party would be a fun event to throw for your friends, family, or yourself. Because the awards show can last for several hours, make enough snacks to last through the night. Who will you be rooting for this Sunday?

◊ Cookies in the shape of Oscars

◊ Popcorn cones with the Best Picture nominees

◊ Keep gold champagne glasses nearby to celebrate when your favorite movie wins!

◊ Have gold and sparkly table settings so your guests feel like stars

◊ Fill your champagne glasses with an orange and gold drink – this recipe looks like a winner

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New Years Bash Part II: Attention to Details

Here is Part II of the New Years party posts. New Years is one of the best holidays of the year! I love new beginnings, and the new year brings new opportunities, experiences, friends, and adventures. Whether you are celebrating with family or friends, these are some great holiday party details that you may want to include at your big bash. Check out Part I for more celebration ideas!

{Add some sparkle to your donuts with edible glitter}

{Wine bottle lights – here’s how to make them}

 {Glitter stars on sticks/straws as drink accessories}

{Spray a mason jar with gold paint for festive and reusable party cups}

To Eat or Not To Eat?

♦ Chocolate bonbons coated in edible luster dust

Whenever I see a picture of food that doesn’t actually look like food, I try to figure out how whoever made it did it. It takes serious time, talent, and imagination to not only think up something so creative, but to also go through with it and successfully make it. If I were presented with these luster-brushed chocolate bonbons, I wouldn’t know whether to save them for display or gobble them up. So, when you question whether To Eat or Not To Eat something, then you know you are dealing with food that is worth remembering, or at least worth photographing.

♦ Talent and time clearly went into the making of these too-cute-to-eat sushi rolls

♦ Roses made out of bacon…need I say more?

♦ Sushi made from sandwich ingredients

♦ McCake


Friday Features

This was an incredible week of learning for me, and I am inspired to keep busy in more creative ways. The week was off to a great start after a fun weekend when I attended an event at Culver Studios (in the Gone with the Wind mansion). The mansion was pretty stunning and it was exciting (and an absolute pleasure) just to be on the lot. I had the great pleasure of hearing the creator of MTV’s Awkward, Lauren Iungerich, speak about her experiences and meet and talk with her afterwards. I haven’t had such a busy week in the longest time, but I am looking forward to one more trip to Los Angeles and then back to school to get work done. Meanwhile, here is what I have been craving and watching.

♥ Movie of the week: Midnight in Paris

♥ Metallic fondants are a unique way to make a cake classy – here are some great tips!

♥ Culver Studios – Gone with the Wind mansion

The Ides of March trailer

Awkwardly awesome

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