Apple Picking

Even though temperatures are still high in Los Angeles, that won’t stop me from partaking in fall activities. On Saturday, I ventured out to Los Rios Ranchos to pick some apples, pumpkins, and adore baby animals. The early morning was much cooler (hence the boots), but as the heat rose, walking from orchard to orchard was a bit toasty. I recommend arriving just before the orchards open not only to ensure a good parking spot, but to also get there before the crowds. Before heading back west, we stopped for cider donuts at Snow-Line Orchard only 3 minutes away.

{Photos by Lauren}

Food Mood Board: Welcoming Fall

On Saturday, fall officially begins. My countdown for fall has been ticking for a while now, and I am so excited to be in the final countdown. Even though I have already been in the fall mindset, it’s always nice for it to be legitimate. My food mood board is currently full of warm colors: orange, red, yellow, brown. I can’t wait to get back in the kitchen to start baking delicious, gooey pastries that perfectly accompany a big mug of apple cider.
What’s inspiring you this week?

1: Caramel Apples with Coconut & Chocolate Drizzle – caramel apples are perfect for this time of year!
2: Baked Pumpkin Autumn Maple Doughnuts – I could eat this for breakfast every morning. With #4.
3: Crunchy leaves – what is fall without them?
4: Apple Cider – the cinnamon stir sticks add a delicious warmth to the drink.
5: Raspberry Swirl Sweet Rolls – warm rolls on a crisp morning, get in my life.

That’s a Wrap!

movie: New York Stories / {snack & snapshot & food city photos by a dash of cinema}

Earlier this week I spent a bit of time in the fabulous city of New Orleans. I had never been there before but was blown away by how welcoming and charming the city is. I ate incredible food, experienced serious thunderstorms, and absorbed the culture of the town. There are some pretty great restaurants in New Orleans (one of which I will share with you next week!) and it is safe to say that I gained a couple of pounds just from the beignets I ate daily. Yes, daily. They were covered in powdered sugar – see “snack” above.

During my time in New Orleans, I heard a street band playing in the middle of the road (see “snapshot” above) and quickly became addicted to their music. I bought their CD (titled: Shine – I am having trouble finding them anywhere on the Internet…) and while I usually just walk by and appreciate what musicians are singing, I actually stopped to listen for a good ten minutes with this band. A truly talented group with unique voices – I would categorize their music as folk, for lack of a better genre. Now that the week is wrapping up, all I want to do is curl up with one of my new books and listen to Shine playing in the background. Here’s to a great weekend!

Party of Love

Whether you are hosting or attending a Valentine’s Day party this February, make a statement with the food that you serve/bring. Valentine’s Day parties can be fun because there is pink all over and the edible goodies tend to be very sweet! Desserts are a must at a Valentine’s Day party, and I would argue may be even more important than the actual food you serve. If you are thinking of having an Anti-Valentine’s Day Party or going all Jessica Biel in Valentine’s Day and throwing an I Hate Valentine’s Day Party, check out this site.

♥ Pretzels dipped in strawberry yogurt

♥ Doughnuts covered in a pink glaze

♥ Watermelon cut into hearts

♥ Chocolate cookies with frosting cut into hearts

♥ Cake with layers of pink frosting in a lovely design

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