Friday’s Features

♥ I want to save the dolphins. Not kidding. Also, I can rewatch this documentary over and over again (and cry every time).

First week of December down, only a couple more until Christmas. I can’t wait to get home and do lots of baking, blogging, writing, and movie watching. There are also lots of chores and errands to be done. I’ve learned a lot this semester, and while I can’t wait to learn even more next semester, I am ready for a nice long break. Before that, though, these are the things I have been watching and craving…

♥ Cereal for dinner

Catching Fire is next on my list.  The Hunger Games was so addicting, and is going to do very well at the box office that Catching Fire will obviously be made into a movie.

The Five Year Engagement trailer is finally out – I’ve been waiting for this goodie for a long time!

♥ A cute date

♥ Incredible! Guess what this dog is made out of?