Around Town: Frosted Cupcakery, Los Angeles

I am always on the lookout for great desserts, mostly of the variety that involve chocolate or ice cream (preferably both). When my friend and I drove by Frosted Cupcakery, the adorable logo and aqua exterior lured us in. Always willing to try new things, we decided to try the ice cream cupcakes, which may have been the best decision of the day. Frosted Cupcakery also has many other cupcake options that don’t involve ice cream, as well as tiny cupcakes for your dog (appropriately named “pupcakes”).

I wish my birthday was every day just so I could eat ice cream cake. These ice cream cupcakes were miniature versions of that. The ice cream didn’t melt right away or make the cupcakes soggy, and the consistency of the frosting and cupcake was just right. I loved the chocolate/chocolate buttercream filled with mint chip ice cream, and my friend enjoyed the red velvet/cream cheese filled with vanilla bean ice cream.

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Setting: Bright and cheery, small with enough room to sit down

Good for: Quick pick-up, after lunch dessert, pre/post movie treat, day date

What to order: Ice cream cupcakes

Downsides: Ice cream cupcakes are bigger than expected (though this could also be a good thing!)

Recommend: Saving room for dessert at lunch and dinner and making the effort to get these ice cream cupcakes

{photos by a dash of cinema}

2 Broke Girls

While there are a lot of shows on air, there is only room for a handful in my heart. 2 Broke Girls has earned its way onto that list, especially after the last week’s episode, “And Hoarder Culture.” I have enjoyed the show since I watched the pilot episode, and it has continued to impress me as the characters develop and the storyline gains depth. While each episode offers something new and fresh, with plenty of laugh out loud moments, the cupcake business that the girls try to start is the thread that runs through each episode. I love that the cupcake business is touched upon within each episode, not only because it has to do with dessert, but because it is an exciting entrepreneurial endeavor that keeps me cheering them on.

While some of the jokes may be obvious, the show is sassy and honest, which I adore. These two girls come from different backgrounds but have made their situation work and are able to find the humor in everything. For a lot of laughs and girl power, watch 2 Broke Girls on Mondays at 8:30/7:30c on CBS!

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The Birthday (Cup)Cake

For my sister’s birthday, I baked a cake. But not just any cake — a giant cupcake. To create this birthday treat, I used this Great Cupcake Cake Pan. I loved the end result because it was different from the usual cakes I bake. Because the top and bottom of the cake are 2 different pieces, you can add frosting or filling in the center. I followed the recipe that was provided with the pan — it turned out more dense than a fluffy cake which helped to keep everything together. (Or you can use this recipe). To top it off, I used my sister’s favorite confetti frosting. I wanted her cake to look simple but taste delicious. It’s easy for your imagination to run wild with this cake, so let it! Decorate the base with sprinkles, flowers, shredded white and dark chocolate, and plant a cherry right on top. Happy Birthday!