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This Lavender Lemonade is Sunshine in a Cup (Paired with The Incredibles 2)

The first day of summer is coming up on Thursday, though we’ve been unofficially celebrating summer since the end of May. As soon as we saw a glimpse of sun, it wasn’t hard to say goodbye to spring showers. Sweet, sweet sunshine!

Lemonade is a beloved drink all year-round, but in the summer it’s particularly special because of the hot days and endless sunshine – lemonade really is sunshine in a cup.

This Lavender Lemonade is made without any alcohol, so it’s reminiscent of childhood and the days when summer truly felt endless and freeing. Thanks to the wonderful folks at Element Shrub for sending us their delicious Lemon Mint Shrub & Club, which we used to create this Lavender Lemonade recipe.

Element Shrub has great products that are made using a colonial-inspired technique for preserving fruit. This particular Shrub & Club is made with organic apple cider vinegar, fresh lemons, organic mint, and fizz to make it a tasty drink on its own or mixed in with other ingredients to create cocktails or mocktails.

We’ve paired our kid-friendly recipe with the Incredibles 2. 14 years after the first movie, the Incredibles 2 is the story of Mr. Incredible taking care of Jack-Jack while Elastigirl is busy being awesome just, you know, saving the world. The drink’s G-rating is perfect for everyone to enjoy during or before movie night. Amazingly, the Incredibles 2 is on its way to being one of the biggest box-office debuts of all time for an animated film.

To help get you ready for summer and the movies, Element Shrub is offering our readers 20% off! Just use ADASHOFSHRUB20 at checkout. Happy drinking and watching!

Lavender Lemonade

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Serves: 1 Cooking Time: 5 minutes


  • 6 dashes of lavender bitters
  • 1 tbsp of vanilla simple syrup
  • 1 bottle Element Lemon Mint Shrub & Club
  • Ice



Add the vanilla simple syrup and bitters into a glass, add ice, and top with Lemon Mint Shrub & Club.


Use a long spoon to stir the ingredients.


Add a lavender sprig or mint as garnish, and enjoy!

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