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13 Movies to Get in the Halloween Spirit

We’re two weeks out from Halloween, so whether you celebrate the holiday by watching a movie each night or marathoning on the weekends, there are so many great movies to enjoy. Though there are a ton of Halloween movie options, I’m not a scary movie fan. I want to actually be able to eat my movie snacks, and I just know that the food will end up all over the couch if I watch something horrifying.

Instead, give me all the Hocus Pocus-type movies! I recently watched Hocus Pocus for the first time (I know…), and it was exactly what I needed on a chilly autumn evening after a morning of picking out pumpkins.

Also, it was Harry Potter weekend so the movies were on repeat for all of Saturday and Sunday. There’s nothing like spending the morning baking and wizards saving the day to boost morale.

Below are my favorite movies in preparation for the spookiest night of the year (in addition to some great films that are a love letter to autumn). What Halloween movies are you watching?

  1. Hocus Pocus
  2. The Goonies
  3. Casper 
  4. Practical Magic
  5. Mean Girls
  6. The Wizard of Oz
  7. Matilda
  8. Beetlejuice
  9. You’ve Got Mail
  10. When Harry Met Sally
  11. Harry Potter
  12. Double, Double, Toil and Trouble
  13. Edward Scissorhands

Recipes to eat while you enjoy these films:

Homemade Baby Ruth Candy Bars

London Fog Sheet Cake

Double Chocolate Pie

Vanilla Angel Cake with Cinnamon Coffee Drizzle



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