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5 Movies to Watch in the Last Days of Summer

Whether you like it or not, summer is coming to an end. But before the temperature drops, we have one more long weekend to fully soak up the sun. After a full day of barbecuing, swimming, and socializing, sink deep into the depths of your couch and have a movie marathon. These five movies reflect the summer days coming to an end

1. Jaws

When a man-eating great white shark attacks beach-goers on a fictional New England summer resort town, there’s chaos, fear, and doubt (rightly so!). The police chief enlists a shark hunter and an oceanographer to catch the shark, who has since attached more innocents. Perhaps Jaws is the best end-of-summer movie to watch because the horror of it all may actually make you excited for summer to be over. But, if swimming with sharks is your thing, watch Jaws for the thrill.

2. The Parent Trap

When I recommend watching The Parent Trapit’s always the original movie from 1961. It’s a fun concept: two teenage twins switch places to try and get their separated parents back together. Maureen O’Hara is as stunning and charming as ever. I don’t care how many Lindsay Lohans are in the remake, you just can’t beat the original!

3. Picnic

Nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards in 1955 (among five other nominations), Picnic is a love story that takes place in 24 hours and stars William Holden and Kim Novak. When Hal (Holden) visits a small Kansas town over Labor Day weekend, he attracts all the women in town., in particular Madge (Novak), the small town’s beauty queen. Hal and Madge fall in love during the town’s day-long Labor Day picnic.

4. Stand By Me

Stand By Me is a one of the best coming-of-age movies (and so symbolic that I even wrote a 9th grade English paper on it). A writer recounts the story of his childhood when he and three of his friends went on an adventure over Labor Day weekend to find the body of a missing boy near their hometown in Oregon. Stand By Me is one of those movies that you find new meanings each time you watch it. It’s timeless and nostalgic.

5. Mr. Hulot’s Holiday

Mr. Hulot’s Holiday is a gem of a movie, and Roger Ebert said it perfectly when he wrote that the movie is “an amused affection for human nature–so odd, so valuable, so particular.” This film follows Mr. Hulot as he vacations in a seaside town in France. From Mr. Hulot’s bumpy arrival into town to his canoe snapping in half and resembling a shark, the movie almost feels like a series of amusing skits.

 A few summer recipes to eat while watching these movies:

Peanut Butter S’mores Ice Cream
Rockford Peaches Galette
Strawberry Milkshake

Which films are on your end-of-summer movie list?


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