That’s a Wrap!


Well, another week just flew by. I’m slowly catching up on my shows – luckily I realized they were back on the air a couple of weeks into the seasons so now I have a lot to look forward to! Right now my favorite of them all is Once Upon a Time. The stories are so entwined and it just keeps getting better and better, I don’t know how they manage to keep all of the stories and characters in order. The Wolf of Wall Street is available to rent, so if I can find three hours this weekend, I am excited to watch that one. I wanted to read the book first, but that’s just not going to happen. In the meantime, let’s wrap up the week with a recap…

* Enjoying a quiet morning at the diner. My hot cocoa had sprinkles and a cherry (photo above).

I’m on Instagram!

* Get a look inside the life of a Nepalese honey hunter. Stunning photos.

* Inspired grilled cheese ideas.

* Sprinkles opens an ATM in New York City!

* That time I went to the Sprinkles ATM in Beverly Hills.

* Mindy Kaling and Vogue.

* Garlic Parmesan fries.

Have a wonderful weekend!

{Photo by Lauren}

4 thoughts on “That’s a Wrap!

    • I definitely enjoyed – thanks! Grilled cheese is for everyone at all ages, but being a little kid at heart is important, too. :) Have a great weekend!

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