Currently Craving: Annie Hall and Lobster

Lounging in this New York apartment | Munching on this Lobster | Laughing at Annie Hall

I saw Annie Hall for the first time in February. I had constantly read articles and books with references to one of Woody Allen’s most famous films, so I figured I needed to just watch it once and for all. Annie Hall is one of those movies that keep you guessing, smiling, and laughing the entire time. Diane Keaton and Woody Allen have an undeniable connection, and it is a true pleasure to see them together on-screen. One of the cutest and funniest scenes in the film is the one when Allen and Keaton (Alfie and Annie) are trying to cook lobster. In fact, this was the first scene filmed for the movie and Allen and Keaton’s laughter is spontaneous and genuine. When I crave New York City and a hilarious intellectual and physical sense of humor, I pop in a Woody Allen film. I crave these two things much too often.

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