Universal Studios

Last weekend, a couple of friends and I went to Universal Studios for an exciting getaway from all the studying and work that is quickly filling our calendars. We knew the weather would be nice (80+ degrees!) so we made sure to bring plenty of sunscreen and to keep hydrated. Universal Studios is so much fun for so many different reasons. First of all, the rides are based on movies, which are a great combination. My favorite rides were The Mummy rollercoaster and Jurassic Park. I also loved the Studio Tour, where we rode around on a tram to see the different movie and television sets that were located at Universal Studios. We saw the set from War of the Worlds, drove through Wisteria Lane (!!), and saw the street that was used in an exterior shot from Bruce Almighty. I am a sucker for movies, and I love seeing what movie and TV sets/behind the scenes really looks like, so I felt like a kid in a candy shop.

Secondly, there are a lot of restaurants to choose from. Whether you wanted American food, Chinese food, or Mexican food, Universal had it all. Around midday I opted for a warm, fresh-out-of-the-oven Cinnabon with milk. Next to Cinnabon was a restaurant known for their fried chicken, which was seriously tempting, but the sugar from the cinnamon roll already had my name written all over it. Next time. We didn’t wait in lines for more than 15-20 minutes, which was great because we were able to ride almost everything at the park. Universal Studios feels like a grown-up Disneyland, and the focus of the park is on movies, so basically I had an incredible day absorbing the sights, eating the delicious food, and laughing with friends. After the Park, we hit up Urth Caffe, as I mentioned last Monday. Overall, a great day, and though I probably won’t have time to go back any time soon, I have a lot of pictures to bring me back to that amazing day.

Wisteria Lane! Gabriel Solice's house.

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