Guest Blog: Emily’s Homemade Pumpkin Pie

During the holiday season there are always those comforts that make coming together with family and friends that much more special. My favorite holiday of all time is Thanksgiving because it is the one time of year when I am surrounded by my favorite people and favorite food. However, while Thanksgiving has passed, I am looking forward to another chance to prepare this pumpkin pie this coming holiday season. I used this recipe, and although a few of the steps were tedious, it is definitely worth the effort. Furthermore, I was uneasy about including candied yams in the filling, but surprising they improved the texture and created a richer flavor. I highly recommend this improved twist on a classic for any and all of your gatherings this holiday season.

Be sure to follow a few of these tips:

♦     Make sure to pre-cook the crust, but use crust covers or tin-foil when baking the entire pie so that they do not get overcooked or burnt

♦     Be sure to heat the pumpkin/cream mixture up to the right temperature to avoid over or under-cooking

♦     Top pie with homemade whipped cream for an added final touch!

♦      Enjoy!

~ Emily

5 thoughts on “Guest Blog: Emily’s Homemade Pumpkin Pie

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