Around Town: Shake Shack

Last weekend I decided to watch Something Borrowed to get my weekly romantic comedy fix. Despite the negative reviews, I thought there were some nice moments, but otherwise it felt like the characters lacked real chemistry. What really got me through the movie was John Krasinski, who never fails to make me laugh. One of the nicer moments was when two of the characters went to Shake Shack, an incredible burger and shake stand. My sister and I used to go to Shake Shack when we spent time in New York City – let’s just say it was addicting, the fries and chocolate milkshakes always had our names on them, and we were shameless. Shake Shack can be seen in several of the scenes from this flick with the characters thoroughly enjoying their meals. It will most likely make you crave a burger and shake…you’ve been warned.

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3 thoughts on “Around Town: Shake Shack

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